The James McKeen Cattell Eligibility Requirements

The James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowships for psychologists provide funds to supplement the regular sabbatical allowance provided by the recipients' home institutions. The maximum award is limited to the lesser of (1) half the recipient's salary for the academic year, (2) an amount less than half salary that will bring the total of the university allowance plus the award up to the individual's normal academic-year salary, or (3) a ceiling of $40,000. Eligibility Requirements:

  1. James McKeen Cattell Fund awards are available to psychologists who are faculty members at colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, and are eligible, according to the regulations of their own institutions, for a sabbatical leave or its equivalent.
  2. Candidates are eligible for a Cattell Award if they are currently tenured or will have formal University or College confirmation that they will be tenured by our January 15 submission deadline.
  3. Candidates are eligible for a Cattell Award if they have not had a leave with pay for the 5 years preceding the requested sabbatical leave (medical or pregnancy leaves are considered exceptions). For the purposes of this award we consider a leave with pay as any funded leave that allows a faculty member to spend all of their time on research without administrative or teaching responsibilities.
  4. Prior recipients of a Cattell Fund Award are not eligible.
  5. To be eligible for this year's awards, candidates must begin their sabbatical after July 1, 2022, and must not be on sabbatical at any time during the Academic Year 2021-2022. We fund sabbaticals on an academic year schedule (July-June) and cannot fund calendar year sabbaticals (January-December).
  6. Recipients are requested to submit to the Secretary/Treasurer a brief report of their activities as soon as possible after the end of their sabbaticals.


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